About Us


Manohar International is a company bounded only by our capabilities, not by specific industries or product lines. MIPL constantly seeks to grow our existing businesses and build or acquire assets or businesses throughout the world that will allow us to create the greatest value.


Established in the year 2007, we, “Manohar International”, are involved in manufacturing, supplying, and exporting various industry-based products. The products that we offer are precision engineered by experienced professionals, who possess immense knowledge and experience in their respective fields. Our range, if properly used, helps in minimizing the load on conventional energy resources. Due to its high efficiency, easy installation, and energy conservation attributes, our range is appreciated in both domestic as well as international markets.

Manohar International, one of the world’s most trusted brands, is a name with a long history that powers itself into new ventures. This trust extends to a series of products, services, and solutions that cover diverse businesses – from consumer care to cutting-edge information technology. Over the years, our identity has evolved with our business, adapting to changing global dynamics.

In this fast-changing world, Manohar International believes it can leverage its institutionalized innovation culture to push the boundaries for delivering solutions that provide enhanced value and direct impact for our customers.

Manohar International is engaged in a continuous endeavor to maximize the realization of potential in its employees and market opportunities by synergizing the multiple ventures of the Group; thus creating an optimum business model that benefits both, stakeholders and society.

Manohar International is a business behemoth based in India having a global footprint with interests in Infrastructure, Power, Global Trading, Logistics, Energy, Agro Business, Real Estate Development, etc. It is a name well established among the distinguished corporate entities of India, with a young and highly motivated task force of professionals who are a prized asset of the organization.

Our mentor, ‘Mr. Dipak Sudhir Manohar’, has always guided us in all our business operations, and hence, we have been able to achieve the set organizational targets. Owing to his visionary guidance and extensive industry experience, we have been able to gain clients across the world.

Industry Experts

15 years of experience makes Manohar Chemicals an Industry Experts which actually gives better wings to industry and economy by exporting right product for right application.

Serving Demands

Manohar Chemicals serves every demand in terms of quality, quantity and price for every possible application.

Coloring the World

Manohar Chemicals tries to color the world in satisfaction and perfection by applying all various colors to all required colorless products.

Growth Orientation

The definition of Growth has been painted by Manohar Chemicals on the milestones of achievements since last 15 years.

Dyes & Pigments

How our Products are tested?

Manohar International at all times exacting the product on required measurements and standards enables the buyer to have a product which is perfectly fulfilling the requirement.

ISO 787

General methods of test pigments and dyes

ISO 8780

Dispersion assessment test for dispersion characteristics

Hegman Gauge

Dispersion measurement test

Munsell System

to describe color in three dimensions – Hue, Value and Chorma

Step 1

Let us know your exact requirement with Color Index number, application, quantity and packaging

Step 2

Manohar International will understand the requirement and provide best solutions with best price into industry.

Step 3

Negotiation will empower the deal and all required consignment aspects will be finalized by keeping customers in centre.

Step 4

Production, Shipping and Documents updation helps customers to get product just in time.


Manohar International offers standard quality

Manohar International is committed to supply best possible quality and standardized products based on given specification by client. There are around 27000 products under more than 13000 generic color index names and hence we appreciate exact specifications from client to enable us making same product matching clients’ imagination of coloring products.

Specifications of dyes and pigments are being matched as given by Society of Dyes and Colorist, UK and American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists, USA .

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