Basic Dyes
Basic Dyes

Basic Dyes

It is mainly salts of organic bases. The cationic part of the dye structure is responsible for color production. Basic dyes are also called cationic dyes.


  1.  Cationic dyes
  2.  Soluble in alcohol and methylated spirit but not in water
  3.  Exhibit excellent shades
  4.  Applicable to jute and acrylic
  5.  Show average to good fastness



The dyeing of acrylic fiber with these dyes is carried out in a weakly acidic condition where acidic acid and sodium acetate are used with a wetting agent, dispersing agent, and sequestering agent. The temperature and pH should be strictly maintained to prevent unlevel dyeing.

The initial uptake of dyes is very high, so a retarding agent is necessary.

Generally, dyeing is carried out at 98°c, and slow cooling is necessary to prevent the formation of creases. Finally, after-treatment with a non-ionic detergent, acetic acid, and a softening agent is carried out.


Application:  Jute and acrylic.